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Audio and Text Files From Scripture Beneath The Surface

These are transcript files and audio files of messages aired recently for, Scripture Beneath The Surface.  Please feel free to download them.  The transcripts are in PDF format, and the audio files are in mp3 format.  Text Files may be read, printed, or downloaded, and the Audio Files may be downloaded as well.  If the audio files are too large, which they may be if you don't have DSL or higher speed internet, please feel free to contact us and request a CD.  All messages are sent free of charge (seriously) as long as the Lord enables us.  You may share these freely, and copy them, but please do not alter them.

If you are a student of prophecy, you may be particularly interested in message #00, which is a study on the Image of the Beast, the Mark of the Beast, and the number 666.  Also, messages #92 through #106 provide a more in depth study of these topics.  It focuses on the short synopsis which John wrote in Revelation.  The study includes chapters 12, 13, & 14 of Revelation, as well as much of the book of Daniel, and is also very insightful concerning the end times, the Image of the Beast, the Mark of the Beast (666), and a perspective of the current Great Tribulation Period.

Msg #00 - “Image of the Beast” - A four CD series dealing with the Mark of the Beast, the Image of the Beast, and various other end time prophecies.  See also messages 92 through 106 for a more in depth study of Revelation’s prophecies, including much of the Book of Daniel.
Msg #1 - “How Can God Be Three Persons At The Same Time?”  Gives insight into how man was created in God’s image, in the sense of being a triune being, just as God is a triune being.  Especially useful when confronted with religions that do not believe in the Trinity of the Godhead, as well as insight into the working and purpose of each, and helps as a building block to comprehend Bible symbolism and prophecy.
Msg #2 - “How To Hear The Still Small Voice”  Provides insight into how God speaks to us, and further understanding of the individual work of the spirit, whether in God, or in man.  Helpful in understanding the importance of the Holy Spirit, not only in how it works, but also why it is so important to be led of the Spirit.
Msg #3 - “TV And The Image of the Beast”  This is a look at how television and movies are the fulfillment of prophecy in Revelation 13 concerning the Image of the Beast.  This may help a lot with understanding end time prophecy.
Msg #4 - “What Is The Meaning Of Baptism?”  What baptism is really supposed to be for a Christian.  Especially useful in understanding the spiritual warfare between good and evil, and helps explain the concept of being ‘dead’ while still living.  Explains 1 Corinthians 15:29 about, “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead . . .,” which is also helpful when talking with those from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), who believe in being baptized to save their dead relatives, and base that doctrine on this scripture.  The CD/Transcript gives some insight into what God expects of Christians, as opposed to what Christians think is expected of them.
Msg #5 - “Do You Really Know God?”  Deals with the concept of a true relationship with God, with special insight into 1 Corinthians 11:3, “The head of man is Christ.”  Reveals the ‘beheading’ necessary for Christians each day of their lives.  Some interesting observations of whether those in your church who claim to be good upstanding Christians, are really what they claim to be.
Msg #6 - “Can God Be Trusted In Everything?”  Deals with what trust is, and what prevents our ability to trust God.  Some interesting observation of the ‘Tower of Babel’ and its implication concerning the warfare between flesh and spirit.  Also deals with the ‘brute beast’ nature of Satan and humankind, which is very helpful in understanding the prophecy books, especially Revelation 13.  Some more reference to the ‘beheading process’, the Biblical teaching that Satan has caused to be twisted into an ‘end time tribulation’ doctrine instead of a doctrine of a daily walk with Christ.
Msg #7 - “Can You Trust All The Teachers?”  Talks about the ‘Two or Three Witnesses” referred to in Old Testament Law, and its symbolic meaning for today.  Gives insight into the two witnesses of Zechariah 4, and Revelation 11.  Helps understand what the role of pastors, evangelists, teachers, etc., isn’t.  Helps with understanding in how to know truth, no matter where the initial thought comes from.  Also helpful as a building block in beginning to understand ‘end time’ prophecy.
Msg #8 - “Are You A Clean Animal?”  Helpful when dealing with people who believe certain meats or all meats are not to be eaten.  Especially helpful as a building block to understanding prophecy.  Explains the symbolism of four-footed animals, and the implication for the beasts of Revelation 13, as well as an evaluation tool for Christians to determine if they are really Christians.  Deals significantly with the concepts of ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Behemoth’, which weigh heavily in understanding the overall concept of ‘Fleshly Man’ versus ‘Spirit Man’.
Msg #9 - “Grace: Why Do We Abuse It?”  Some insight into why many Christians have more trouble being what God wants them to be then they should have.  Includes commentary from Kim Schlehuber.  Brings out the concept of the “Easy Grace” movement now currently destroying our Christian churches.
Msg #10 - “Have You Overcome The World, or, Has The World Overcome You?”  Deals with the three parts of the overcoming process, starting with the initial faith of salvation, then the testimony of that faith, and third, the heart change that must take place in order to maintain the momentum of their faith, and some interesting insight into Satan’s method of destroying the ‘true heart for God’.  Also includes a relatively short explanation of the ‘image of the beast’.  (A much more extensive study of Image of the Beast in the 4 CD series, #00 (see above).
Msg #11 - “What Is Death?”  Deals with the ‘right hand/left hand’ concept in Ecclesiastes 10:2, and its implication for us, as well as the 5th Seal of Revelation 6:9-11, and those who receive ‘white robes’.  Some interesting perspective on the symbolic meaning of the ‘britches’ (undergarments) required for the priests who cleaned the ashes out from under the altar.  Especially helpful as a building block for understanding parts of Revelation.  Insight into scriptures of Matthew 16, Mark 9, and Luke 9 which refer to, “some who will not taste of death until they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.”
Msg #12 - “How Often Do You Poke Your Head Above Water?”  Detailed explanation of the symbolism of water, from the angle of the creation.  Insight into how water is used in the various prophecies, including Leviathan, the form the Bible uses to describe Satan in his beast nature as it relates to prophecies using water.  Also insight into Behemoth, one of the forms the Bible uses to describe the beast nature which was developed in man, which follows in the footsteps of the beast nature that Satan adopted.
Msg #13 - “Stepping Over The Line”  An encouragement for Christians to take a stand against Satan’s end time social system which is destroying the church’s testimony.  
Msg #14 - “Ministers of Death”  This message describes the current church’s participation of worshiping the “Mystery of Iniquity” which is now sitting on the throne of God in the temple.  This is the fulfillment of the prophecy from 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 concerning the spirit of anti-Christ, which says, “so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”  Christians are largely unaware of what is really taking place or that the prophecy is being fulfilled currently instead of in the future.  Also includes the reference from Revelation 3:10 which is prophetical of the trial which is to come upon all the earth in order to try the souls of men.  This trial is a necessary event ordered by God in order to accomplish the separating of the tares and wheat preparatory to the return of Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven. 
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Msg #15 - “Are You Truly The Bride Of Christ?”   Narrative concerning a marriage covenant, and its connection with BABYLON THE GREAT, the Great Whore of Revelation 17 and 18.  Implications for today’s church in a lifestyle which is not giving glory to God, but is glorifying the nice things of Earth.
Msg #16 - “Are You All Talk But Little Walk?”  Centers on the scripture in Matthew 15:8, where it says,  “These people draw near to me with their mouth, and honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.”  Includes several narratives which depict Christian words and behavior.  Gives insight into how God might feel about your Christian lifestyle.
Msg #17 - “Rapture - When?”  Explores the errors in the pre-tribulation rapture theory, how the theory developed, and where the errors originated.  Explains the correct interpretation of scriptures, and why it is correct.
Msg #18 - “You Can’t Avoid What You Can’t See”  An overview of some points of doctrine from “Scripture Beneath The Surface.”  It touches on the rapture, the mark of the beast, the image of the beast, and the fire brought down from heaven by the second beast of Revelation 13.
Msg #19 - “What Is Spirit?”  Deals with spiritual concepts in a Christian society which tends to shun anything spiritual because of fears and misinformation.  Insight into what role God’s Holy Spirit plays in God, and what role our own spirit plays in us.  Includes insight into how the trinity, or triune concept of God, helps Christians to know and understand God.
Msg #20 - “Temples of God”  A comparison and explanation of the physical worship under the Law of Commandments, written in tablets of stone, and the Law of Grace, written in the fleshly tablets of your heart.  References temples, entering into God's Sabbath rest, Antichrist, sacrifices, and in general, other rites and rituals.
Msg #21 - “Waters”  Explains how water is used symbolically in scripture to bring understanding of the battle between good and evil.  Gives explanation of Leviathan, Behemoth, and the Sea of Perdition (Destruction), with reference to walking on water, Jonah, and Christ's crucifixion.
Msg #22 - “The Vision”  This is a description of a vision given to Randy Smith approximately 30 years ago, concerning a major false Christ who is called, “Maitreya,” who will be a significant false prophet in the last days.  Also includes description of events which followed the vision, which are more than reasonable coincidental chance, which indicate the vision has reliability as a warning message to God's people.  
Msg #23 - “The King of Tyre”  A study on Ezekiel 26-28, concentrating on the meanings of “King of Tyre,” and “Tyre” itself.  Ties in with Isaiah 14:12-14 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.  Explanation of how Satan is working through his merchants to cause overindulgence of delicacies by the people of earth.  Also looks at how these verses reveal Satan's hidden presence in the church today.
Msg #24 - “You Are Their Example”  Concerns Christians who are to be examples for the rest of the flock, and the concept of what holiness is, and the concept of perfecting it, in order to make a difference in other Christian's lives.
Msg #25 - “History Repeats Itself”  This message concerns the layering effect of Old Testament history with New Testament history.  Describes some of the current wickedness in the church today which exists in parallel form with the time of temple worship by the Israelites.  Gives insight into how the Mystery of Iniquity is already sitting in the temple showing himself as if he is God.
Msg #26 - Not Currently Available.  Entire message is contained in Image of the Beast series, message #00   1 thru 10.
Msg #27 - “What Are Your Leaders Teaching You?”  Explores the scriptures which explain that Jesus was crucified on Thursday, and not Friday, and why it is so important to know this.  Explores the concept of leaders who teach tradition rather than scripture, and Christians who accept their leaders teaching without question.  Also explores the scriptures which tell us there were only 12 in the upper room who received the Holy Spirit instead of 120.  Emphasis is on leadership and the church body which are in need of 'eyes to see'.
Msg #28 - “The Color Red”  Explanation of the colors scarlet and purple, as they apply to the Great Whore of Revelation, which is Babylon the Great, and to the scarlet colored beast that carries her.  Includes explanation of the colors blue, purple, and scarlet in the curtains of the original Tabernacle, and in the veil which separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.  Also explains again the concept of receiving the Mark of the Beast in the right hand, as opposed to the forehead, and why the Bible says the Mark of the Beast will is received in the forehead or right hand.
Msg #29-31 - “Current and End-Time Events - Parts 1, 2, & 3"  This is a three part study on End-Time events referred to in Revelation 6, and Matthew 24.  It includes the explanation of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seals of Revelation 6, and the explanation of these events and how they relate to the second coming of Christ, the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord's Wrath.
Msg #32 -  "Can  A Christian Be Subject To The Beast?"  This message describes generally what the beast concept in the Bible is referring to, as well as what specifically is the beast of Revelation 13.  It is a very central part of scripture, and very necessary in understanding end time prophecy.  It is also essential for a Christian to know how NOT to be subject to the beast.
Msg #33 - “What Is Demon Possession?”  Explaining what a demon, or devil is, and how it is also an evil spirit, and how it works to gain possession of a person.  Explains the difference between possession and oppression.
Msg #34 - “Upon This Rock - Part 1"  Explanation of what Jesus meant when he said to Peter, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.”
Msg #35 - “Upon this Rock - Part 2"  Explanation of binding and loosing, and the ability of Christians to forgive sins, even when they are not committed against ourselves.
Msg #36 - “My Heart”  Straight forward sharing of the things that this ministry desires God's children to know, including the Image of the Beast, and the notable miracle in Revelation 13 of bringing fire down from Heaven.
Msg #37 - “The Power of the Air”  The role Satan plays, and how he can and cannot work.  The Power of the Air is a power of the physical world which relies on air for life rather than the Holy Spirit of God.
Msg #38 - “A Deeper Perspective of Tongues”  Exploring the Gift of Tongues from a Pentecostal and also a non-Pentecostal viewpoint.
Msg #39 - “Who Sits On The Throne of Your Heart?”  Explains how the mark of the beast is not so you can buy and sell, but is the result of trading in Satan's market.  Also shows how Satan is the Mystery of Iniquity of 2 Thessalonians 2, who may be sitting in you (you are the temple) and you not actually realizing it.  Not the anti-Christ figure, but Satan himself.
Msg #40 - “Don't Put Old Wine Into New Bottles”  A look at the New Testament compared to the Old Testament, and the way many Christians try to return to the Old Testament Law of Commandments, and the dangers accompanying this. 
Msg #41 - “What Is The Baptism of the Holy Spirit?-Part 1”  Deals with the concept of baptism, what it is, and how water baptism parallels the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Msg #42 - “What Is The Baptism of the Holy Spirit?-Part 2"  More explanation of baptism and what takes place inside, and what might or might not take place outside, when the Baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place. 
Msg #43 - “What Kind of Talk Are You?”  An introspective look at conversation within those who attend church.
Msg #44 - “Santa Claus”  Taking a look at what the concept of Santa Claus does to us and to our children.  Includes poem by Randy Smith, “Santa's Last Night.”
Msg #45 - “Some Answers to Mormonism”  Some direct answers to three questions from a Mormon, concerning the comparisons of Prophets, Baptism, and Biblical authors to Mormon Prophets, Baptism, and authors.  Some insight into the hierarchal structure of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).
Msg #46 - “Souls, Sacrifices, and Ashes”  A look at the Fifth Seal in Revelation 6:9, and how a person gets a white robe which allows him entrance into the marriage supper of the Lamb.
Msg #47 - “What Kind of Soil Are You?”  This is an exploration of the concepts of the parable of the, “Sower of the Seed.”  Especially useful for new Christians, but also for those who were Christians for awhile but have lost their zeal for the Lord.
Msg #48 - “Is Jesus Lord to You, or Just Jesus?”  Examines the concept of what it means to be, “Saved.”  Gives some insight which is useful for self-examination for those who call themselves Christians, but who may not understand the implications of what it really means to believe in the Lord Jesus.
Msg #49 - “Eating, Drinking, and Smoking”  Takes a look at current church doctrines, and how they affect those who quote them.  Might be offensive to those who like the black and white of Laws in Tables of Stone vs laws written in the fleshly tables of your heart.  
Msg #50 - “Playing Make-Believe”  This message deals with how God looks at the things we become involved in which in no way bring glory to God.  May give some insight for those who think they or their children can play around with such things as, Harry Potter, and still not offend God.
Msg #51 - “Beasts Do Not Walk Uprightly”  Insight into the beast nature, both of the original work of Satan, and man's acceptance of it.  Explains how the flesh nature, the world nature, and the beast nature are all tied into the opposition to the righteous nature of God.  The image of the beast is at work in the world now, but most Christians don't recognize it because they have been deceived into thinking that it will only present itself after the rapture.  Because the image of the beast is not actually an image in the form of a statue, but rather an image in the form of pictures, Christians can't see it.
    Audio File No Longer Available
Msg #52 - “Jachin and Boaz - Two Pillars Before God”  A tour of King Solomon's Temple, accompanied with an explanation of much of the portions and furnishings, including the two pillars which stood at the entrance to the Holy place.  These two pillars symbolically represented the second and third witnesses to God's word.  Message #7, which contains further information concerning the two witnesses, would be helpful in addition to this.
Msg #53 - “Let's Talk About Lightning”  Explores the concept of Lightning which is symbolically referred to in Revelation 13 as fire from heaven. 
Msg #54 - “Great Tribulation” - A look at The Great Tribulation concept from a current day perspective.  Explains a viewpoint that the Great Tribulation is not a tribulation against bodies of flesh and blood, but a Great Tribulation calculated to destroy the very souls of sinners and Christians alike, and that this is why it is called the Great Tribulation instead of just Tribulation.  This is helpful for those who have been taught the theory of a pre-tribulation rapture and the left behind fiction books.
Msg #55 - “Five Deceived Virgins”  Parable of the 10 Virgins.  Explains the Biblical symbolism of current Christianity which is made up with a significant portion of people who profess Christianity, but who equate directly with the five virgins who did not have a reserve supply of oil for their lamps.  Because it is the 'fruit' by which Christians are known, and because the oil represents the anointing that comes from the Holy Spirit, then whether you have enough oil actually refers symbolically to whether or not you are producing the fruit of the Spirit.  This is a good message for taking a good long hard look at yourself in order to determine if you are really saved or just playing church.
Msg #56 - “The Silver Screen”  Detail explanation of how the corrupted form of earthly concepts confuse the mind and destroy spiritual health through the avenue of secular television and movies.
Msg #57 - “Who Is The Judge Of God?”  Presents a view of God's destruction of wickedness, even when this includes children.  A sometimes difficult subject, but explains the necessity to accept God's actions as righteousness, and the danger of viewing them in a disapproving manner.
Msg #58 - “Three Witnesses”  Explanation of how we each will give a three part testimony of our righteousness or wickedness, which will be based on the witness of our inner man, the witness of our outward actions, and the witness of our spirit.  These three witnesses will correspond with the three digit marking of Satan (666) in our foreheads, or the name of God in our foreheads.  Explains that the mark of the beast is not a computer chip, or for that matter, not even a future thing, but very present in every person's life.  Message #59 is helpful along with this message.
Msg #59 - “Three Sixes”  A continuation of Message #58, which further explores the concept of three witnesses concerning the final judgment of man.  In this message the number 666 is explained according to its symbolic meaning.  Also gives insight into the Sabbath Rest of God, and how the sixes in the mark of the beast are related to man's refusal to enter God's Sabbath Rest, and how the Sabbath Rest of God is entered into.
Msg #60 - “How Does A Spirit Work In You?”  The workings of spirits, including possession by evil spirits, and what gives them access to you.  
Msg #61 - “Who Will Answer?”  An explanation of how Christians are ignoring basic scripture, and have become captive to Satan's world social system which has been based, not on God's word, but on the secular presentations of television, movies, books, magazines, and newspapers.
Msg #62 - “Once Saved, Always Saved?”  Some insight into how the clipped phrases of Bible doctrine, used by most Christians, are detrimental to comprehending scripture.  The, “Once saved, always saved,” doctrine is looked at closely from the aspects of both current and future salvation, and hopefully answers the question of whether or not a person is, “Once saved, always saved.”
Msg #63 - “The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord”  A look at scripture which clearly demonstrates that the Great Tribulation and the Great And Terrible Day of the Lord's Wrath, are two completely separate events.  In addition, it demonstrates the point in the Revelation sequence at which the Great Tribulation ends.  By showing the clear separation of the Great Tribulation from the Great And Terrible Day of the Lord's Wrath, it also demonstrates that Great Tribulation is indeed an event which will include Christians; not as God's wrath, but as extreme persecution of Christians by wicked forces.  Please note: This is a technical explanation and not very entertaining, but is helpful to those who wish to understand the sequence of the end times.
Msg #64 - “Divorce Is Not A Sin”  Part one of a two part series which deals with the subject of divorce, and brings out the difference between what a sin is and what a consequence of sin is.  May be especially helpful for persons who have been divorced and even possibly remarried, and how they can be accepted in the eyes of God, even though the church attempts to condemn them.
Msg #65 - “Divorce Is Not A Sin-Part II”  Part 2 of a two part series on divorce.  Explains how remarriage is not an unpardonable sin.  Describes the concepts of an unpardonable sin, and how it compares to marriage in God's eyes. 
Msg #66 - “Altar Calls”  A look at the current practice of altar calls in many of today's churches.  Possibly gives some insight into deceptive practices by ministers who attempt to use altar calls as a tool for their own church growth program rather than as a means to help individual members of a congregation in a spiritual sense.
Msg #67 - “Divorced, Yet Called To The Ministry”  Specifically deals with those who have been called to the ministry but have been rejected by the various denominational hierarchy because of a history of divorce and remarriage.
Msg #68 -  “They Shall Make Merchandise Of You”  Exploration of the warning concept of scripture in light of ministers and ministries which overemphasize the financial aspect.  Gives some insight into what things to look for when questioning the validity of a minister or ministries.
Msg #69 - “Doctrines of Devils”  This is a study of 1 Timothy 4:1-6, and the two examples given there of false doctrine in the church, “forbidding to marry,” and, “commanding to abstain from certain meats.”
Msg #70 - “He Shall Stand On The Mount Of Olives”  Explanation of this spiritual event from Zechariah 14:4, and its implication for current day Christians.  Describes the symbolic meaning of the cleaving in two of the Mount of Olives, and its application from Matthew 24.
Msg #71 - “Television - A Conceptual Tool”  Describes the purpose of this device, and other graphical imaging devices, of conveying concepts and viewpoints to all the people of earth at one time instead of piecemeal. 
Msg # 72 - “Two Witnesses Killed”  This is an explanation of who the two Witnesses are of Revelation 11, and also gives the background and verse explanations.
Msg #73 - “Children Shall Rise Up Against Their Partents”  A look at the process of Satan's deceptive tactics for infiltration of the church.  It includes examples of major infiltrations of wickedness into the church system in a historical sense, and also in today's current church system. 
Msg #74 - “Idolatry In Christianity”  A look at how Idol worship affects God's people in this current day, and in today's church.
Msg #75 - “Born-Again - Becoming A Spiritual Being”  A look at the concept of being born-again in Spirit, and how it works.  What it is, how you get it, and how you can lose it.
Msg #76 - “Rebellion Against God's Authority - Part 1"  A look at the concept of authority, as in the supremacy of God's will, and what it means to submit to that authority, and how Christians ignore that authority of God's established principles.  Includes a short reference explanation of Christians who are living in Great Babylon as a result of rebellion against God by disobedience to his will, which is rebellion, just as Satan rebelled against God's will.
Msg #77 - “Rebellion Against God's Authority - Part 2"  Further explores the concept of rebellion by ignoring God's directives.  Describes the concept of a covering for the woman by the man, or by God, and what a covering actually accomplishes by removing the shame which comes by loss of self-esteem, whether the shame is shame of nakedness, childlessness, or social customs from peer pressure.  Gives some insight into how the line of authority is established, and what the purpose of God's authority is for, and how it applies to men and women, especially in the ministry of the church. 
Msg #78 - “Rebellion Against God's Authority - Part 3"  Another aspect of the concept of rebellion by lessening God's glory by showing our own glory.  The perspective is not from giving God glory by covering our nakedness, but giving God glory by not attracting attention to ourselves.  Apparel can be, and is, used by Christians to draw attention to the body, which is another form of rebellion against God, who is not flesh but Spirit.  Pride in our appearance is rebellion against God, for in our reveling of our own appearance, we lessen the glory of God.  It is the other extreme from nakedness, but still makes the statement that the flesh of man is good.  Part 3 also deals with the aspect of what true worship is, and how we can fail to truly worship God by incorporating other elements into the worship.
Msg #79 - “Understanding End-time Prophecy - Part 1"  First in a series of Bible prophecy for today's end times.  This first message focuses on the concepts of scriptural symbolism, which is demonstrated through parables.  Includes the parable of “Leaven of the Pharisees” and “Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”  These two parables demonstrate how important it is to know the symbolic explanations of scripture in order to clearly understand the meaning which God intended for us to know.  These parables are explained, and their symbolic terminology described, which gives insight into how prophecy is also symbolic in nature.
Msg #80 - “Understanding End-time Prophecy - Part 2"  Second in a series of Bible prophecy for today's end times.  This message focuses on the first beast of Revelation 13, and describes the concept of the beast representing the animal nature which has no ability to make good reasoning decisions, and therefore rejects God.  The intelligence intended for mankind is to recognize God as both Spirit, and as the supreme authority over all things.  Animals cannot do this, because they are brute beasts, in that they have no power of reasoning. 
Msg #81 - “Understanding End-time Prophecy - Part 3"  Third in a series of Bible prophecy for today's end times.  This message focuses on the animal nature which is opposed to the spiritual nature.  Includes references to names of animals designating Satan, including serpent, serpent in the bottom of the sea, red dragon, and Leviathan.  Leviathan will be explained in Part 4 of the series. Included in this message is an explanation of King Nebuchadnezzar's transformation experience into an animal, and the significance of it.  It also explains the colors of red, purple, and blue, which were found on the veil separating the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place in the Temple.
Msg #82 - “Understanding End-time Prophecy - Part 4"  Fourth in a series of Bible prophecy for today's end times.  This message focuses on one of the Biblical names for Satan, Leviathan.  It also gives significant explanation of water as the abode of Leviathan, and what the symbolism of this abode is.  Gives a clearer understanding of Satan's arsenal of temptation against the children of God.
Msg #83 - “Understanding End-time Prophecy - Part 5"  The concluding message of Bible prophecy for today's end times.  This message focuses on the two natures of mankind, which is the sin nature, Biblically referenced by the animal concept, and the Holy Spirit nature of God's righteousness.  Mankind has an option to choose either nature.  Compares the second beast of Revelation with Behemoth, and gives an explanation of this animal form as referenced in Job, chapter 40.
Msg #84 - “Churches - Big and Small”  Exploring the doctrinal emphasis from the perspective of church size.  Looks at the concept of generalized doctrine and form of worship which is accepted by the greater majority of people, but from the perspective of the scriptural parable of the narrow gate, and the broad way that leads to destruction.
Msg #85 - “What Is Grace?”  Focuses on a greater depth to the definition of the word, Grace, hopefully clarifying the attributes of it, and how God bestows it. 
Msg #86 - “A Mark In The Forehead”  This is a study on different kinds of marking systems taught by Bible prophecy teachers over the last 75 years, and how the mark, name, or number of either God or Satan can be put in the forehead.  For further study, refer to Message #00 - Image of the Beast, and also Message #14, #26, #58, and #59.
Msg #87 - “What Is Lust?”  A closer look at the definition of lust, which reveals a key concept of lusting, which is, a feeling of longing after something.  This is equivalent with impatience, for it is a feeling that what you desire is a “long time in coming.”  It is through the correct definition of the word for lust that we come to understand how to distinguish lust from normal desire when we want earthly things and wonder if the desire is appropriate or inappropriate for Christians.
Msg #88 - “A Perspective On Prosperity”  A look at the prosperity doctrine, and how a Christian can and cannot be rich and still enter the kingdom of God. 
Msg #89 - “Binding And Loosing”  Explains the principles of Binding and Loosening someone or some thing to or from another person or thing.  Also explains this concept as it equates with forgiving or retaining sins, and how this is to be accomplished by Christians.
Msg #90 - “Religious Counterfeits”  Looking for that which is not really of God in the church world today, and giving some insight into how we, as Christians, can guard against being overcome by false teaching and by false prophecy.
Msg #91 - “Time Line”  Gives a general order of events for the time of the last days. 
Msgs #92 through #106 - “Looking At Revelation's Short Synopsis - Parts 1 through 15"  Explanation of Revelation 12:1 through Revelation 14:13, which is a synopsis, a short overview of events, both physical and spiritual, from the time of Christ's birth until his second coming in the clouds of heaven.  This series not only covers the events of Christ's birth and the symbolic explanation of this event, but of all the major events connected with it and their symbolic relationship concerning the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It also includes the symbolic representation which the book of Daniel provides for prophecy fulfillment, as well as the end time events of Revelation.  It describes the 1st and 2nd beasts of Revelation 13, and a detailed explanation of the image of the beast as well as the mark, name, and number of the beast.  (And no, it's not a computer chip or bar code!)
Msg #107 - “What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?”  Defines the concept of blasphemy itself, then describes how blasphemy can be a sin or not, depending on who or what it is directed toward, then describes the actual difference of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, as opposed to blaspheming God himself or another person.  Helps to answer the question which many Christians ask themselves, “Have I ever committed this unpardonable sin?”
Msg #108 - “God Is A Jealous God”  Scriptures and descriptions which emphasize God's jealous nature.  Includes examples and explanation of our responsibility to him as our husband, or master.
Msg #109 - “Build Your House On The Rock”  A study of waters and solid ground and the symbolism God uses to explain our situation on earth.  The waters are both the waters from above and the waters below.  The waters above represents the pure word of God, and the waters below represent the contaminated word of God, which is Satan's lies.  The solid ground is that which is not made wet and muddy by the waters of Satan's sea of destruction.  The lies must be rejected for the higher ground of God's pure word.
Msg #110 - “Symbolism”  A perspective of how symbolism plays such an important part in scripture, including the warning messages which can generally only be heard by those who are true Christians.  Gives examples of historical events which are also symbolism for events to come, or for current fulfillment of prophecy.
Msg #111 - “Southpaw”  A look at what the right and left hands are for, including the origination of the terms.  Gives some insight into Solomon's wisdom, and Old Testament language usage.  Encourages good stewardship of the heart.
Msg #112 - “God's Covering”  Describes the Biblical concept of a covering; what it is and what it does.  Looks at the concept of nakedness as the producer of shame, and also how God's covering takes away that shame.
Msg #113 - “Call No Man, Father”  Explores the church's submission to pastoral authority which surpasses the limitations set by God.  Includes examples of fairly plain errors of doctrine which the church perpetuates, and looks at the responsibility for this from both the perspective of the shepherds and the sheep.
Msg #114 - “Threefold Testimony”  The topic is the three witnesses which every person will give on judgment day of themselves by their lips, their body, and their spirit.  Explores the relationship between each part of our triune makeup, and explains the necessity of more than just a confession of our lips.
Msg #115 - “The Moneychangers”  A message for the church which explains that God wants to bless his people with a great financial blessing, but the blessing is being hindered by us.  Explores the way we block the financial blessing of God and how we can remedy the situation.
Msg #116 - “The Image Is Here”  Provides a broad view of current day prophecy, with many interesting points of doctrine explained, including the current image of the beast and the form of its inception into society.  Detail instruction is not provided, however detailed instruction can be found in the “Looking At Revelation's Short Synopsis” series, Messages 92-106.
Msg #117 - “Trying To Unscramble The Word, Santa”  Some insight to the scope and origin of the Santa Claus concept, concerning what the purpose of Santa Claus is, and who created him.  Also includes the poem, “Santa's Last Night.”
Msg #118 - “Sun And Moon Darkening”  A look at the concept of sun and moon darkening found in scripture, and its soon to take place event.  Explains the light of God's word versus the light of the physical sun, and how the people of earth look to the physical light for their trust rather than for God.  Explains what the darkening of the sun, moon, and stars really means.
Msg #119 - “Feet”  Some symbolic insight into the Bible's use of feet for instruction. 
Msg #120 - “You Are The Living History Of Israel”  Historical comparisons with Israel and today's church, which shows the same pattern of sinfulness in both.  We are living the history of Israel, and we think they were bad.  If they were bad, and they were, then what are we? 
Msg #121 - “Remember The Sabbath Day”  An explanation of God’s requirement to “Enter His Rest”, and how this compares to the physical resting of Jewish and current Sabbath keepers.  Explains the need for Christians to enter God’s rest instead of trying to keep a Sabbath day by resting physically.
Msg #122 - “Spirit Driven, Not Purpose Driven”  Gives explanation of the role of the Holy Spirit in accomplishing God’s work in and through human beings.  Describes the relationships and view of being a three part human just as God is a three part God.  Emphasizes the need to be led of the Holy Spirit instead of being led by purpose. 
Msg #123 - “Led of the Spirit”  A look at the work of the Spirit in the church apart from the gifts of the Spirit.  The gifts of the Spirit have dominated the Pentecostal churches, but it is the influence of the Holy Spirit on the Hearts of men that God really wants.  The purpose of the Holy Spirit is not to manifest, but to bring about the righteousness of God in the hearts and lives of men.  This message gives some insight into the two covenants, the Old Testament covenant of Law, and the New Testament covenant of Grace.
Msg #124 - “Turn The Other Cheek”  Deals with the subject of loving our enemies instead of trying to destroy them.  Some insight into the concept of enemies from both the Old Testament and New Testament viewpoint.  A call to Christians to reject the world social system perspective of scripture and return to the Bible perspective.
Msg #125 - “Preparation”  A perspective of what Preparation Ministries is all about.  This message centers on understanding that we are IN the Great Tribulation now, and explains what the Great Tribulation is, and how it is so damaging to our souls and not our physical flesh.
Msg #126 - “Call For The Elders”  A close look at James 5:14-15.  This message views the many facets of these verses, explaining each part specifically.  It, hopefully, answers many questions in the realm of personal healing through prayer.  It does not focus on the gift of healing, but on prayer, and on the reasons the Bible gives such plain and detailed instructions for healing, both for the one who is sick, and for the ones who are praying.
Msg #127 - “Until Seven Times Passes Over”  A look at the comparison with King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, and with Satan, who is the king of Great Babylon.  Compares the experience of Satan’s current beast nature with King Nebuchadnezzar’s similar experience of being turned into an animal until seven times passes over.  Emphasizes the beast nature in operation in the world, and how this affects the warfare between humans and Christians who have been born-again in spirit. 
Msg #128 - “How Many Lies Can Satan Tell?”  A look at influence we receive as Christians, and how evil influences can destroy our Christian walk.  Especially good for new or recommitted Christians who struggle to ensure their salvation stands firm.
Msg #129 - “We Are The Ransom”  A close look at 1 John 5:16, which is the command to pray for the forgiveness of sin for a brother in Christ, in order that the brother in Christ will not be lost.  This is a work of the compassion of Christ, the love of God, and a part of the Christian heritage which has been largely ignored by Christians and replaced by the finger of condemnation.  It is such a great temptation to point the finger at a brother who is caught up in sin rather than to be the ransom for that brother, bringing him back under the protection of God.  We were called to love one another, not just rebuke one another. 
Msg #130 - “Right Hand, Left Hand”  A close look at the principle of right hand versus the left hand in scripture, and it’s implication concerning the mark of the beast.  It specifically provides insight into three groups of people.  The first group are those who have consciously made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.  These are marked with a mark in their forehead, designating them as belonging to Jesus Christ.  Scripture has many references to God’s children being designated as such by a mark in their forehead.  The second group are those who have consciously made a decision to reject Jesus Christ as Lord.  These are also marked with a mark in their forehead, but this mark is a mark which designates them as belonging to Satan.  The third group are those who claim to have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, but who actually live for the devil.  The right hand is used for the designation in this instance because it is the right hand that proves who they really serve.
Msg #131 - “God Is Not Just The Biggest God, He Is The Only God”  A message which emphasizes our assurance of continued salvation, even 100,000 years down the road, because God is not just bigger than all other forms of power, he is the ONLY power.  The powers that be are only ordained by God, and cannot exist on their own.  Therefore, our future is secure.  There is no possibility of another Satan rising up in the future, because there exists no power other than God.  Therefore, another Satan would have to use what power God allows, just as our present Satan uses.  No entity rises up that God does not allow to rise up.
Msg # 132 - “This Is My Commandment”  This message centers on the Love of God, and the importance to reach out to one another in Christ.  We are the body of Christ, and therefore are the living, walking, speaking word of God on earth, just as Jesus was before.  Jesus is still the ‘head’ of the body, the authority, and still directs his ‘earthly body’ the church, and therefore it is essential that we take that responsibility seriously and allow him to be the head.  Includes the concept of being ‘beheaded’ for the witness of Jesus Christ.
Msg #133 - “How To Tell If You’re A Christian”  A look at the bottom line in determining whether you are or are not a Christian.  This is helpful if you’re struggling with the question if you’re really saved or just think you are.
Msg #134 - “Inspiration”  Explains the meaning of inspiration, its relationship with spirits, how inspiration takes place in humans, and the impact of inspiration on our Christian lives and testimony.
Msg #135 - “Sight of the Beast”  An explanation of what the sight of the Beast is, and how it differs from the way God sees from a spiritual perspective.  This is an important concept for those who desire to understand the workings of the second beast of Revelation 13, and how it is able to perform signs and wonders.
Msg #136 - “Through Which Eyesight Do You See?”  Takes a look at the way we humans see and how our eyesight in the physical realm is part of the ongoing spiritual battle against God’s spiritual realm.  Sight, is how we look at things, whether we look from a spiritual perspective by faith, or by a strictly physical perspective by logical assessment.
Msg #137 - “Drastic Measures”  A look at how the power of God is, or is not, grasped by human beings.  To overcome the world we must choose to become weak in the flesh, poor in spirit (from a flesh viewpoint), meek, and resist the temptation to exalt ourselves from a world standpoint.  The power of God is not attained by flesh and blood strength, but only when we allow our flesh and blood strength to be overcome.  It is then that we overcome as born-again spirit beings in Jesus Christ.  However, this takes drastic measures, which are seldom entertained by the modern day church.
Msg #138 - “Are You Frustrated With Church?”  A look at Church frustration, and what can be done about it. The end is rapidly approaching, and Christians must find some way of accomplishing the command in Hebrews 10:25 which tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This does not mean that we must attend churches which we feel are either no longer alive or are no longer scriptural, but that we can't just stay home and ignore the scriptural command. We must press in until God reveals an alternative opportunity.
Msg #139 - “Born Under The Sun”  A look at the prophesied event of “The Sun and Moon Darkening.”  Includes an explanation of what it means to ‘see’, in the physical sense, by the light of the sun, compared to ‘seeing’ in the spiritual sense by the light of God’s word.  Includes the expected scenario of the end times as to what will happen in the world when the sun, moon, and stars loose their brightness and unregenerated mankind begins to experience chaotic times like never before. 
Msg #140 - “Buying And Selling”  A look at the buying and selling aspect of Satan’s world system, and the affect it causes on the relationship with God.  Includes some insight into Israel’s physical city of Jerusalem, and Christianity’s spiritual city of Jerusalem.  It helps to understand the warning message of Jeremiah 51's and Revelation 18's warning message for God’s people to come out of Babylon before it is too late.
Msg #141 - No Longer Available - See Messages 92 - 106, “Looking At Revelation’s Short Synopsis”
Msg #142 - “Television: Are Careful Choices Enough?”  A look at television programing from the perspective of the Image of the Beast, rather than from the perspective of just evil which must be handled delicately.
Msg #143 - “Where Do You Go When You Die?”  An explanation of heaven, hell, hades, sheol, paradise, and knowledge after death.
Msg #144 - “Babel, And Babylon The Great”  A look at the Tower of Babel as the preview of Babylon the Great.  Gives an in depth explanation of the hindrance which was previously placed before Satan, but which has now been removed in order to usher in these current last days in the form of the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13.
Msg #145 - “Authority”  A look at the power of God and how it is given to man, and the responsibility of man to obey that power, within the confines of God’s word.  To resist the power God gives is to resist the power and authority of God himself.
Msg #146 - “Deliverance From Pornography”  This message offers help to those who want deliverance from the temptation of sexual sin, and especially pornography.  This may be helpful for you or for someone you know who is struggling with this.
Msg #147 - “Pulling Fire Down From Heaven”  A look at the similarity of lightning and the fire from heaven which can consume sacrifices.  Includes a commentary on this subject as it applies to Elijah on Mt. Carmel.
Msg #148 - “A Definition Of Grace”  A true definition, as used in the Bible, of the term Grace, as opposed to our current day church view of Grace, and how our New Testament Covenant of Grace works. 
Msg #149 - “Why Full Immersion Is The Only Way To Be Truly Baptized”  My personal viewpoint concerning why baptism, either water baptism, or being baptized by the Holy Spirit, requires full immersion.
Msg #150 - “New Year’s Resolutions, And Other Failures”  A look at resolutions and commitments, and why we fail so easily.  Gives some insight into how we will eventually be able to get victory.
Msg #151 - “Understanding Blood”  Taking a look at the symbolism the Bible uses concerning blood to explain the life we first live in the physical body, and why the shedding of blood is important.  Some insight into what being “Born Again” really means.
Msg #152 - “The Difference Between Animals And Animals”  A look at the similarities between animals and humans, as well as the differences between humans and children of God.  Understanding these concepts will be beneficial when studying end time prophecies, such as the image of the beast, or mark of the beast.
Msg #153 - “What Is True Confession?”  Some insight into confession for purposes of salvation, and the sinner’s prayer.  Describes the necessary parts of confession, including the need to make Jesus Lord as well as Christ.  Describes how we actually become part of Christ’s body, and also how we become beheaded in order to be true witnesses of Christ.
Msg #154 - “True Worship Is In Three Parts”  We all worship in some way, but much of our church organized worship may be detrimental from the perspective of providing too much entertainment which can cause people to enter into the emotion of songs and praise without actually focusing on God.  This message describes true worship from a viewpoint of what God wants, not from the perspective of what makes us feel good.
Msg #155 - “One Testimony Is Not Enough-Part 1”  Taking a look at the three part makeup of God and humans, and how each triune part of God is necessary in order to confirm God’s word, and also how each part of our own triune makeup is necessary in order to confirm our confession that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Msg #156 - “One Testimony Is Not Enough-Part 2“  A continuation of Msg #155 with the addition of an explanation of the mark of the beast being in the right hand of those who’s confession of Christ is false.
Msg #157 - “How To Resist The Devil”  Something we all struggle with.  It is the word of God which will make us free.  This message helps to understand the place God’s word has in the process of strengthening us, and how our understanding will change our minds and bring victory.
Msg #158 - “In These Last Days”  An overview of our current last day situation and where the church is going.  This message may be offensive to many.
Msg #159 - “Knowing God In Spirit”  A look at salvation from the spiritual aspect, also including some explanation concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
Msg #160 - “Knowledge of Good And Evil”  A look at the development of nakedness as a result of sin and the need for a covering which will allow God to look upon us, and the need for this covering to be the result of spilling blood.  Explains how shame is the real need we humans have for a covering, and that nakedness is just the initial reason but not the all encompassing reason for a covering.  Explores the concept of the need for evil in order to understand the concept of goodness because of the way humans understand concepts by means of comparison. 
Msg #161 - “Honest Bob”  A look at honesty from both sides of the fence.  Looks at our response to someone else’s dishonesty and to our own possibilities for falling into the trap of dishonesty without realizing we are doing it.
Msg #162 - “Why Do We Put On Christ?”  Exploring the salvation experience in order to understand that being a member of Christ’s body is more than just a unique way to express Christianity.  There is only one body which is eligible to enter into the presence of God because there is only one body which knew no sin.  Unless we put on Christ, we have no body in which we ourselves can enter into the presence of God.  Explains the difference between a living soul and a life giving spirit. 
Msg #163 - “Pure And Impure Waters”  Some boring facts on the qualities of being clean or unclean, pure or impure, and what this means for Christians.  Some of it may be quite interesting. ???
Msg #164 - “Two Basic Principles For Understanding Prophecy”  A focus on the two concepts of first, the triune aspect of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and second, the beast nature, which is nature of animals, which is directly opposed to God in that it rejects the eternal authority of God in exchange for the delights of this present world.
Msg #165 - “That No Man Might Buy or Sell”  Taking a look at what Revelation 13:17 is referring to when it talks about Satan’s intent to cause his world market system to be the only market on earth, which means that people could freely buy his fleshly temptations, but have no opportunity to be able to ‘purchase’ the heavenly things of God.  The result, if God did not ‘shorten the time’ would be that there would be no Christians left on the earth, no elect.  The only thing left to buy and sell would be earthly delights, and therefore the only people left on earth would be those who delight themselves in the earthly delights.  Everyone then would be marked with the mark of the beast, thereby designating that they were ‘owned’ by Satan.
Msg #166 - “Eating Knowledge of Good and Evil”  This message answers the question and explains the reasoning of what fruit Eve ate in the Garden of Eden when she was tempted by Satan.  No, it wasn’t an apple.
Msg #167 - “Follow The Leader”  This is a visual perspective of authority, and it gives some insight into how God is establishing his authority in the minds of his children, and what it means to actually ‘follow’ God.  It also explains the symbolism of Satan’s tail, in how it was used to corrupt the wicked angels.  In addition, it explains the scripture concerning being beheaded for Christ.
Msg #168 - “Your Other Self”  Takes a look at what the apostle Paul was referring to when he said, “now, it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.”  When we sin, we must make certain that the sin is in our old man of the flesh, but not in we who are now born again spirit men.  There IS a difference.  This message helps to understand the principle of being righteous is Christ, but not righteous in the flesh, without falling into the temptation of having a licence to sin. 
Msg #169 - “Am I Lukewarm”  A look at what lukewarm really means, and how we can avoid it.  It also describes how Christians wait for God to call them to their ministry, and how we might hear from the Lord.  It gets pretty frustrating sometimes when our ‘ministry’ doesn’t seem to materialize.
Msg #170 - “Numbers In The Bible - Part 1"  This is part 1 of a two part series.  This first part deals with the three part make-up of God, humans, and our life experience here on earth.  God is seen in his three aspects of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and his testimony is also in three parts; the testimony of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  Our testimony is also in three parts; Our authority part, our flesh part, and our spirit.  The mark of the beast is a designation of who you belong to, and there are also three categories that humans fall into according to God’s judgment.  Two of these groups will go to hell, the third group will be pulled through the fire and purified.  To understand the triune concept in God, and in God’s plan for the earth, is probably the most important aspect of understanding Bible prophecy, and in understanding the path of salvation or the path of hell.  For the Bible student it is a concept which should not be ignored. 
Msg #171 - “Numbers In The Bible - Part 2" This is the second part of a two part message which deals with the numbers 6 and 7.  The number 6 is used to designate flesh and blood humans who align themselves with the beast nature.  Both man and animals are creations of the sixth day.  The number 7 is used to help mankind understand the righteousness of God, and mankind’s need to reject the beast nature and enter into God’s rest, thereby rejecting the beast nature and assuring himself of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Part 1 of this two part series is absolutely necessary for the understanding of the number 666.
Msg #172 - “Why Do We Take Communion?”  This is a detailed explanation of the reason Christians partake of Communion.  Includes in the explanation much of the underlying concepts of the salvation experience and how this ties in with the rite of Communion and water Baptism.  Especially helpful for those who have had questions concerning why we take Communion, and also some of the responsibilities of partaking.
Msg #173 - “What Is Being Born Again In Spirit?”  This is an in-depth explanation of being born again in Spirit.  We know Jesus tells us that we must be born of both water and of the Spirit, but many Christians do not understand what being born of the Spirit really is and how it happens, and how we can be sure it did happen, without depending on the evidence of the gift of tongues or other spiritual manifestations to ensure our salvation.
Msg #174 - “Is Jesus God, or, Just The Son of God?”   An in-depth explanation of the deity of Jesus Christ, and how we can know for sure that he is God, and not just a “Son” of God.  It can be very helpful in answering another person’s question concerning this.
Msg #175 - "Should Women Be Ministers?"  I am asked this question often.  This message is my perspective on the subject.
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Msg #176 - "Learning Obedience"  This message gives addition clarity to the subject of whether or not women should be ministers, or whether they should teach Bible study to men (Msg #175).  It views the subject more on general lines of authority for both men and women, and how and why we received God’s system of authority.
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Msg #177 - "A Quick Guide To Bible Symbolism"  This message gives a quick overview to several prophetical concepts, including, image and mark of the beast, colors (why the veil of the temple contained three colors), the triune aspect of God and man, sun and moon darkening (just before the return of Jesus), rapture, the two resurrections (first one when Jesus comes and the second one when the millennial reign is over), and being beheaded for Christ (no, it's not a physical beheading, but a spiritual beheading of allowing Christ to take over your body and be your head).  None of these concepts are explained in detail in this message, however they are presented for the purpose of gaining some insight which your further study can contemplate.  If you have a good grasp of the scriptures, this message may give you some ideas that you can follow through with in your Bible studies.  Our other individual messages contain the explanation of these concepts in much greater detail.
Msg #178 - "What Can I Believe?" - This is a sampling of some questions I have been asked from time to time, and my answers to them.  The questions are:  "Which religion is the right one?"  Do religious beliefs change, or do they always stay the same?"  "Do you really believe in God, and if so, why do you believe?"  " Do You think there might possibly be a chance that God doesn't exist?"  "What is an Agnostic?  No, not an atheist, but an Agnostic."  "What is Passive Anarchism?"  "Is truth only truth depending on how it's interpreted?"  "In marriage, it is best to know all the facts about a person before making a decision of whom to marry, and in the same sense, wouldn't it be better to know all the facts about God before settling on which religion is the best one?"  "Why would God need to make a human version of himself, meaning Jesus?"  And, "The Bible says that we are predestinated.  But it also says we have to make a choice to accept Jesus as Savior.  Which is it?  Predestination or Free Will?"
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Msg #179 - "The Anointing:  Oil In Bible Symbolism"  - This message helps to understand the symbolic concept which the Bible uses to help with our understanding of God's revealed word.  It also helps to explain why we are told in James, chapter five, to anoint the sick with oil.  It may help to understand the need for other physical rituals such as water baptism and communion.
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Msg #180 - "Old Covenant - New Covenant" - This is an explanation of the two covenants, the one to Israel, and the other to all the children of God from every nation on earth.  It helps to recognize how we live by grace by the divine influencing of the Holy Spirit, and not under a Law of Commandments.  It is important to realize that we are no longer under the Old Covenant of the Law, but are responsible to God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Unless we understand what the purpose of the Old Covenant of the Law was, a schoolmaster, we can never appreciate what Jesus did for us in cleansing us from sin.  The Law could not do this, but the New Covenant of Grace does, not by our own attempt at being perfect, but by a free gift of righteousness by the blood of Jesus who completed the Old Covenant perfectly.  Understanding the basis of the Old Testament, the Old Covenant of the Law, and also the basis of the New Testament, the New Covenant of Grace, is how we come to understand salvation through Jesus.  The Law of Commandments condemned all men, but the bringing to an end of it and ushering in the New Covenant of Grace gave us life.  
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