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Spiritual, Not Mathematical, Answers To The
Image And Mark Of The Beast In Prophecy

666 and the Image of the Beast or Mark of the Beast is what most every Christian would like to understand.   As Christians, understanding is not absolutely necessary for salvation, but it will help greatly to remove the deception which is destroying Christians at an ever increasing rate, because the Image of the Beast is current, not future.

666 answers can be found in messages #92 - through #106, as well as message #00, and other messages on the other page.  Messages #58 and #59 would also be helpful.  Just click the "Current and Past Messages" link above.  However, if you're looking for a quick numerical shortcut to anti-Christ's name, you might as well go to some other site.  But, if you're tired of current prophetical teachers who talk about the "chip," the "pope," or whatever is currently in "prophetical vogue" at the time, you have finally come to the place which may provide answers.  But please believe me, if you're not praying fervently for God to reveal this to you, then what you find here will not help you in the least.

As Revelation 13:18 clearly tells us, only those with spiritual wisdom will understand what is implied by the number 666.  If you are truly seeking to know, and are also an ardent, fervent, and sold out server of Jesus Christ, then the above mentioned messages may apply to you.

The number 666 is only understood in a spiritual context, because just as Jesus explained to his disciples, he spoke in parables in order to keep the truth from the wicked, not to show them the truth (Matthew 13:13-15).  God will only reveal the understanding to those whose hearts are truly seeking him.

And, just one more thing.  I can't reveal anything to you.  Only God can reveal spiritual things to you.  I can only express what I believe God has revealed to me.  The rest is between you and God.